PureLife Alternative Wellness Center

Pura Vida! Providing patients with safe and reliable access to medical cannabis since 2006

Our Story

PureLife Alternative Wellness Center is a medical cannabis dispensing collective made up of fellow patients that have come together from different walks of life to do compassionate work for the community we live in. Our sole mission is to provide patients with safe and reliable access to medical cannabis. PureLife strives to create a healing environment where patients find support and community, compassionate care and legal integrity in a manner that will be good for our members and that of the whole community.

Established in May of 2006, we are a fully compliant, pre-ICO, registered, tax-paying, not-for-profit collective. Greatly concerned with the lack of regulation in the city of Los Angeles, we have been politically active from the beginning, fighting hard for patients’ right to have safe access to their medicine. In association, PureLife is a founding member of the Greater Los Angeles Collectives Alliance (GLACA), an organization that seeks to establish safe, reasonable operating standards for medical cannabis collectives. Recently, fellow collective operators selected PureLife as the facility that best exemplified how a fully compliant, compassionate collective is run. ‘

Our focus is to provide our patients with quality medical cannabis values and the correct information to make educated choices. In addition, we offer various forms of medications. It has been and continues to be our distinct honor and pleasure to serve this community. Come by and visit us soon! Pura Vida! “Proudly serving the medical cannabis community since 2006!”